A small, sleepy town situated in the Mindo Valley and approximately two hours northwest of Quito
The Mindo Valley is a transitional area where two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world meet: the Chocoan lowlands and the Tropical Andes. This area covers 268 square kilometers with ranging altitudes from 960 to  3,440 meters asl. This área is known as Chocó Andean habitat type and was declared Biosphere Reserve in July of 2018
Mindo is continually dampened by four rivers - Mindo, Nambillo, El Cinto and Saloya- and hundreds of streams irrigate the landscape.
, Famous for its highly sought out birdwatching excursions, Mindo's patchworked landscape of cloud forests, secondary forests, and human settlements also make it an ideal place for outdoor activities. Biking, tubing, canyoning, horseback riding, and hiking are among visitor's favorites. 
From an adventure tourism seeking perspective, the Mindo Valley is the one of the most visited locations of Ecuador.
Truly a unique place to visit!

Mindo Biking

 We want to encourage locals and visitors to use a bicycle as their main means of transportation around Mindo.

Whether it is to go to school, work, visit friends, or do tourism, Mindo offers some the greatest incentives to practice this exceptional activity.
  • You can explore the whole town of Mindo in less than 1 hour and see more than if you went by foot or vehicle.
  • You may chose to have an invigorating workout by cycling uphill to bathe in some of our amazing waterfalls or do a relaxed bike ride and just enjoy Mindo´s lush scenery.​

  • Do your part and give the environment a chance to recover. Do not drive or hire a motorized vehicle if there are other eco-friendly alternatives.

The point is that bicycling in Mindo is for everyone. From those who rarely attempt to get on a bike to the most avid of cyclists.  
Bicycle Tourism
trails, routes and excursions
Mindo has several biking trails that lead you to any of local attractions, rivers and waterfalls.
For example you may decide to park your bike for a bit and go ziplining, canyoning, fishing or horsebackriding. 
Stop as many times as you like,  and take a refreshing swim in any of the rivers, or take a picture of a beautiful quetzal bird.
For a more challenging ride you may bike uphill to the Rio Bravo Cloudforest Reserve and walk along primary forest trails

You may also choose to ride and visit the butterfly and orchid gadens, the chocolate factory.
Whatever trail you decide to do be prepared to take in Mindo's lush landscapes
Bellavista - Mindo Route
Technical and beautiful, this is an all-time favorite for many cyclists. You may start your bike trip as soon as you arrive to Quito. We will pick you up and take you to the point of departure in Bellavista.  Our specialized guide will lead you through  achallenging route in the middle of the cloud forest filled. Be prepared to see  breathtaking lanscapes. 
Custom-made excursions
Additionally, we can help you experience the best of Ecuador.  Let us know what would you like to do. 

Whale watching - Amazon rainforest - Thermal baths. 

Are a few trips we offer. More information and pictures coming soon!